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  •   Yumton tour to Xiangxi

    Yumton tour to Xiangxi

       Date: 2017-09-25 | Category: Company news

    At the end of August, the annual travel of Yumton came in time. This is Yumton’s benefits to employees, to appreciate everyone who has been dedicated to the company! In recent years, Yumton’s employees travel footprint can be described throughout all over the country. This time, the destination chose the mysterious Xiangxi. Enter the ancient city, feel the different cultural atmosphere, look fo
  • Yumton Not One Less outdoor activities

    Yumton Not One Less outdoor activities

       Date: 2017-10-09 | Category: Company news

    The afternoon of Oct 5th, a beautiful sunny day. In order to improve the team cooperation ability, enhance team cohesion, promote team growth, Yumton factory team held a theme of "Not One Less" outdoor activities in the southern Park.

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