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Yumton tour to Xiangxi

Yumton tour to Xiangxi

-- go into the mysterious ancient city, go into the most real heart, return to the original simplicity, never forget the beginning

At the end of August, the annual travel of Yumton came in time. This is Yumton’s benefits to employees, to appreciate everyone who has been dedicated to the company! In recent years, Yumton’s employees travel footprint can be described throughout all over the country. This time, the destination chose the mysterious Xiangxi. Enter the ancient city, feel the different cultural atmosphere, look for the innermost feelings of the innermost self, do not forget the beginning of the heart!
The whole trip is three days, the route is: Miao Village→Phoenix ancient Town→Border Town. After more than 6 hours' tourist bus driving arrive the first station: Miao village. The local villagers are very enthusiastic, the customs here must be antiphonal singing before dinner. In addition, the host will prepare a special gift for the guests: wipe a black dust on the guest's face, which symbolize health and auspiciousness! After seeing miao Village, enjoying the enthusiasm of the local people and the unique performances, hurried to the next station: Phoenix ancient Town!

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